Greatham Village Village Newsletters

Village Newsletters

Greatham village has two regular newsletters to keep residents up to date with village life

“Village View” is a quarterly newsletter which comes out in March, June, September and December. Past copies of the View are available below.

Any village organisation can promote their activities free of charge in the newsletter.

Subscriptions are £1 for a year and, thanks to support from Huntsman Tioxide Greatham Works, all monies raised currently go to support Greatham in Bloom.

To subscribe please pop £1 in an envelope along with your name and address (or click this link for an application slip )into the Community Centre letterbox or 29 The Grove, Greatham.  Delivery is free in the village or plus postage if it needs to be sent in the post.

“The Beck” is published 10 times per year.  The cost is £3.00 per annum or individual newsletters can be purchased for 35p each at Whitfield’s General Dealers. 

Advertising for local businesses is available for a small fee.  Further details are available by emailing

A subscription form can be downloaded here…….SUBS FORM 2022

All proceeds go to St John the Baptist Church. 

For more information or to order a copy please email: or visit Whitfield’s General Dealers. 

Village Newsletters 
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