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Greatham Residents Association

Providing a voice to Greatham residents since 2010

The Greatham Residents Association was formed in 2010 by residents who were increasingly concerned that their voice was not being heard.  The Residents Association is a formal body which has the opportunity to represent the views of all villagers with the Parish Council, Borough Council and other organisations.

All those who live in the village are members of the Association and are encouraged to participate as fully as they wish.  There is a small committee which is responsible for taking issues forward and for organising events.  We hold regular committee meetings and open meetings in the Community Centre. 

Some of the issues we have taken forward include representing the community at Council around the housing development at Claxton, liaising with officials following concerns around the use of firearms on the playing field, the development of the Greatham website, replacement of the safety fence around The Green, staging a Christmas Market and supporting  residents in raising concerns relating to a housing development at Station Road. 

The open meetings include invited speakers.  Fire officers, the Police and the local Council have attended in the past, and the local Councillors attend most open meetings.

Please come to a meeting to see what is going on, and if you would like us to support you with any wishes or concerns please join us at a meeting or speak to one of the committee members.

2018 Annual General Meeting minutes

Committee Members

Linda Dempsey (Secretary)

Andrew Merifield, (Treasurer)

Andrew Rees

Sheila Kell

Bob Johnson

Royden Trench

New members are always welcome - please email us at info@greathamvillage.co.uk

Residents Association

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