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Greatham Archive

Greatham Archive - memories of the village through photographs, audio and video

This section is under construction - photographs and other information will be added over time

Greatham Archive is a project launched in March 2017 by Greatham Residents Association.  The aim is to produce a collection of photographs, videos and audio records of life in Greatham over the years.

Have you got any old material that you would like to share  -  we are interested as well as photos etc we are also interested in newspaper cuttings, old documents and drawings......in fact anything that can add to the collective memory of the village.

Please email us via info@greathamvillage.co.uk or contact Andy Merifield on 07514400811

High Street/Front Street Archive

High Street/Front Street Archive +

Photographs of buildings, events and people in Greatham High Street & Front Street

The Feast Archive

The Feast Archive +

Pictures of the annual Feast over the years

People Archive

People Archive +

People living in or visiting Greatham

The Green Archive

The Green Archive +

The Village Green - the scene of many events over the years

Sappers Corner Archive

Sappers Corner Archive +

Sappers Corner - the entrance to Greatham Village and a landmark for people entering and leaving Hartlepool

West Row Archive

West Row Archive +

West Row, Greatham

Cerebos and Station Archive

Cerebos and Station Archive +

Cerebos Factory and Greatham Railway Station - The Cerebos (later RHM) factory was a big employer in the area for many years - based next to Greatham Railway Station

Aerodrome Archive

Aerodrome Archive +

Greatham Aerodrome was located on the site of the current Fire Brigade HQ (Kings Meadow)

Greatham Farms Archive

Greatham Farms Archive +

Greatham Farms - agriculture has played a major part in the community of Greatham.

Churches & Hospital of God Archive

Churches & Hospital of God Archive +

Images of Greatham Churches and the Hospital of God

Station Road Archive

Station Road Archive +

Images of Station Road

The Drive Archive

The Drive Archive +

Images of life in The Drive

Egerton Terrace Archive

Egerton Terrace Archive +

Images of Egerton Terrace

Businesses Archive

Businesses Archive +

Images depicting the many businesess based in Greatham over the years

School Archive

School Archive +

Images of Greatham School - originally located in the Community Centre on the Green

Greatham Creek Archive

Greatham Creek Archive +

Images of Greatham Creek

WW1 & WW2 Archive

WW1 & WW2 Archive +

Greatham during the wars

Clubs and Societies

Clubs and Societies +

Images of Greatham social clubs and societies

Old Parish magazines and other publications

Old Parish magazines and other publications +

Newsletters etc

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